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About Me

As a 36 year old Libertarian, I've had a hard time
giving out personal information! However, when
I started this site, it was to be about expression.
So, I figure I can express who I am, without
laying my whole life out on the net. Want to
know more? Follow the links, always being added.

I tend to care more about others than myself. I
used to be a Democrat, due to the message of caring
that that Party expresses. I'm idealistic, but at
the same time pragmatic...I need to see something
works. And that's why I sought out other Parties.
I found a political system I could back, and the
means to achieve what I believed was important.
More so, I found it matched my philosophical belief
and spiritual understanding. What I also found was
that freedom offered the same for everyone. I AM a

I also hope to find the right man to settle down
with someday to love and grow with. (Yes, I'm a
man) Guess I have that ol' romantic sense about
love and relationships. What really makes me happy
is someone who doesn't take themself too seriously,
enjoys a good laugh, takes the time to look around
in wonder, yet see reality (no rose colored-
glasses!), and cherishes what they do have, and
can communicate all of it. Okay, maybe he doesn't
exist! But, I'll take close seconds:) To me Love
is the most important aspect of life, in every

I'm Pagan (technically Paganism refers to those who follow
paths other than Judeo-Christian or Islamic faiths...
including Native American, Celtic, Asatru, Hindu, Wicca, and
on...)- more concisely I'm eclectic. I look at
the history of spirituallity as a spectrum of growth-
To Learn from the past and ready for the new paradigm.
Now most people know of such things come from Hollywood
movies and silly TV shows.

Generally, Pagans (depending on the tradition) believe
that evil does exist in the hearts and minds of
men. That Satan does NOT exist. Therefore, anyone who
practices Satanism is not a Pagan, but someone whom
practices the negative side of Christianity. Not a
pagan, not a witch. Many follow the agricultural
cycles of the earth in a regular "thanksgiving" of
sorts. Also, reincarnation is widely accepted.
Makes sense if you believe in renewal and cycles.
There is a "Live and Let Live" attitude. However,
crimes against others are greatly looked down upon.
We do not make sacrifices of living beings... We
revere Nature/Creation, it wouldn't make sense. Most
believe that you get back what you put out, for Witches
it's the 3 Fold Law (you get back 3 times what you
do). So, it would be foolish to harm someone. The Wiccan
Rede states: "An Ye Harm None, Do As Ye Wilt".

Many are not involved with magick or spells (ritual
prayers). Pagans tend to be polytheistic, meaning they
recognize male and female aspects to the higher
power. The God(s) and Goddess(es). Me, I find it a very
representational thing. I tend to think of the
energy of the universe as a complete whole.
Not actual human-like deities that exist. The
power of this God is still the same, just a different
understanding...took too many myth and symbol
classes in college to really see the gods as
anything more than man's concept of nature and
experience at *that* time. We've come a long way.

Who else am I? I'm learning computer technology;
a bodybuilder; love to read and learn, enjoy:
mountain-biking; tennis; skiing; volunteering;
theater; film and music (dance is a favorite).
Most importantly, and in all...I believe force and
coercion are wrong in government, economics,
religion, and society. It's only justifiable in
self defense, period... I believe intolerance of
others and relying on government to *solve* our
problems is what will bring down the United States
(and we've strayed WAY to far in that

Well there you have it! Just a bit about me. To learn more, explore the
links on this site. I love webpage building, so expect more and more. Okay, when I have the time, alot more time!


More to Come: Pictures and links of interest to follow soon.