The 23rd on Astrology

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While I consider myself to be a fairly pragmatic
idealist, I don't wholely believe in astrology. Let
me explain. Science continues in a direction
which breaks down the walls between science fiction
and science fact. We find more and more evidence
of the existance of energies, dimensions, and
physical laws we thought improbable..or just did
not conceive of before discovery.

Astrology in most usage today seems a joke to me.
The daily newpaper collums with such generalized
tripe only fuel notions there is no science here.
Too bad because there is a rough science to it.
An ancient one in fact, which we may find someday
supported my science fact. But, until that day it
lay in the realm of belief. And that does not
make it unreal. For many, reality is only visual,
and tangible in a dimension of the 5 senses.
This is fine to avoid driving your car into a
tree, but certainly doesn't define the whole
truth of what is around you, within you, etc...
Astrology points to generalities which seem
quite acurate when delved into seriously. Yet,
if myths and mysticism are bound to it, we may
never discover the realities which shape our
consciousness/selves via the energy present at
the time of conception or birth. Which in this
view makes this a true science to me.

It remains a possibility that subtle energies of
the planets and stars (sometimes they are not so
subtle, as in our sun and moon) can and do
influence our very make-up. So, these astronomical
spheres via proximity, exert great influence upon
us... it stands to reason the others would to a
lesser degree. Also, I don't knock mysticism, in fact part of the accurate astrological *readings* done
by some may just be proving another belief yet
unproven...that thought energy can see past,
present and future (another subject altogether).
But, sometimes it's just darn fun to read the
daily horoscope...

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