Freedom to Me
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Freedom means many things to me. To be allowed to try and fail, then pick yourself up. To learn and succeed. Taking each step to better oneself, finding your own way free of constraint, or with the voluntary aid of others. Choices with your money, association, expression, spirituality, politics, philosophy, education, morals, love... Living FREE to be whom you are.

The founders of the United States gave the opportunity to pursue liberty, with one over-riding theme... Don't infringe upon the rights of another. Here the right of the INDIVIDUAL is the most important. Fear, in my opinion, lay within those who constructed our Constitution that a majority rule system (Democracy) could create any number of horrible scenarios- based on the whims of the people. They'd also experienced being dictated to, hence a balance of power was created. A Federal Government with too much power could take away the freedom they'd found in the new sovereign States. As well, they weren't about to allow a tyranny by majority to usurp their declared rights. Without the Bill of Rights, the Constitution failed to complete the balance of power. This section delegates all else to the Individual or their sovereign State, while listing some of the specific rights retained. Hence we have a Republic limiting the federal government's action, and protecting the rights of each citizen. While allowing democracy in a limited and more localized fashion.

While the Framers did have some limited views on who deserved this equality and freedom, it was corrected with Amendments to the Constitution. Socially, these rights and the attitudes towards them, and real change take time, to heal and amend. The battle for special rights, more democracy, and growing of government beyond the Constitution has been tearing at the fabric of our equal freedom for far too long now. At our founding, the people of the various States rejected the Constitution until specific rights were enumerated. Now many seek rights over others, and favors not allowed under just government. Much heavy debate on Federalism was required before initial passage however, the bottom line when moving from the Articles of Confederation to the new government was to ensure we didn't become what we had fought against. Clearly the government has exceeded the boundaries given to it in our history and especially today. The people no longer seem to care that Their Liberty is no longer protected, but stolen to line the pockets of the war-machine. The BIG question debated by the framers was, How much government is too much? We have seen the answer.

The battles go on, while government gets bigger and more intrusive. The ideals of the fore-bearers get lost by politicians using their bi-partisan caring jargon deceptively, while taking away our Freedom. To me the difference is in seeing who actually lives up to their words, *and* if they have the principles to protect everyone's rights. That is a representative concerned with a truly prosperous and free society. I see only one Party doing this, Libertarians. Principles! And Ron Paul. If something is fair, voluntary, and honest... leave it be. Also, in politics one must ask if something is pragmatic. Can it deliver? Or does it just become another political chess piece to be played as the the power players wish? Cohersion belongs only in defending our borders and personal rights. Is it pragmatic or voluntary to take incomes and return a small portion, after beaurocratic cost/waste in a one-size-fits-all program? No. Surely we can (and did) find better ways as communities and/or individuals to handle problems specific to us (and our own State, when necessary). Freedom is about self-responsibility, accountability, and caring enough (giving of one's self) to find more effective means, without sacrificing our liberty. Their is no balance between liberty and security GREATER than the protections of our Constitution. No-one in government, not even a president may violate these rights as enumerated, yet they do... more and more. Don't allow it, because those right belong to you and future generations. Time to take back our government from the people who don't have time to read the bills they pass, eliminate the lack of true representation, and require one bill at a time to stop pork from being added to bills. Time for us to hold Congress accountable."...a Republic, if you can keep it"- Attributed to Benjamin Franklin.