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"AT ISSUE...Bob Barr"

Rep. Bob Barr and The Religion Battle

Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA) vows to eliminate practice of the Wiccan Religion/Pagan Religions from the U.S. Military bases. This all based on the idea that troup cohesiveness and readiness is in jeopardy. The thought is, due to the "pacifist" nature of Wiccans, there could be problems in combat. The Wiccan Rede states, "An Ye Harm None, Do As Ye Wilt". But, the military has reported no trouble. And how does banning ritual change anything? According to this ideology, Christians should not be allowed to practice their religion while on bases~ It's obivious, the Commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill". So this is just an obvious attack by a Christian on a system he doesn't agree with. Barr has pledged to add this as a rider to any legislation he believes can pass. This is a clear violation of our Constitutional rights. If a governement agency is going to advocate the practice of any religion (Yes, even the Military with its allowable restrictions), it must include all. This is because we *all* pay taxes, and therefore must receive equal treatment under government agencies.

Now George W. Bush & Strom Thurmond, and Christian organizations have jumped on the band-wagon. Congress has passed a law to allow the 10 Commandments and only these to be posted anywhere. (Not that these are bad, but it endorses one religion ~ UnConstitutional.) Luckily, Pat Robertson has seen the neccessity of freedom for all. If one then all... Christianity is not the basis of the Constitution, fair law was and it meant to include all. There seems to be an unhealthy battle of religions brought on by Conservative Politians. But, I must say this isn't unusual worldwide, as most wars and conflicts are due to intolerance of others beliefs in "God" or the creative forces that brought us here.

This story started with Bob Barr finding out that Wiccans were holding religious ceremonies on military ground...and now the media jokes and belittles the rights of a minority, while a few self-rightous politicians try to make headlines. But, what of the rights of the few? That was what our founders sought to protect.

Many have tried to tell Barr that the propoganda he is spewing forth is inacurate, and that his actions are a violation of his oath of office. This to no effect. I, as a Wiccan leaning eclectic Witch, find this an afront to our system. Pagans will not stand back on this issue. I invite you to learn the facts. I invite all Pagans to unite, and do as they can to turn the tide of hate and intolerance around. Legislation of religion in any way, makes this a Theocracy...not a Republic as intended. Check out the links below.

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