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LM: "At Issue..." DECEMBER '98 ISSUE
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Already? The Media and Congress are once again negligent in their duties by reporting that the Senate is already in favor of a censure of President Clinton. Ignoring that there is a Constitutional duty to hold a trial before rendering a decision, the media is still playing politics (Even better than politicians). What happens to law and the Judicial system if this type of false mandate, based on erronious polls and political greed, is allowed to superceed our Constitution? Partisan politics has it's place in getting elected and legislating. Not here!

Impeachment has a prescribed procedure which doesn't allow for censure. Censure is giving license for officials to break the law. Party-line votes in cases like this show that few in the scandalized party are performing their sworn duties- And Americans should be outraged with all the misleading rhetoric. Americans should fear what happens when the media can redefine our system, either out of manipulation or ignorance. Same goes for all elected persons. I mean, come on- when "is" is debated or "high crimes and misdemeanors" could be mistaken for anything but the laws of the land!

But, what should I expect when most people haven't even read the Constitution of their own country. It would appear many think we're a Democratic-Socialist State, or are trying to get us there. Too bad the concept of a Republic of limited government, individual liberty and responsibility, and rule of law takes a back seat. The polls, for anyone who's taken a statistics class, can easily show whatever is wanted via filtering the demographic, the wording, and the interpretation. Congressmen, stick to your oath, and let your constituants guide you when in doubt.

See why The Libertarian Party called for impeachment first.
(Hint: Nothing to do with Kenneth Starr)

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