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Why polls at all here? Well, because I doubt the 
ones I see on tv. I try to give more choices and 
less biased wording...and see if it turns out differently. Realizing that most come here to read about Libertarianism. That by it's nature means 
many voting may not be and past results show that. 
I will add an archive of those after enough polls warrant that.

THE WAR WITH IRAQ: (Undeclared but, what else to call it?) So, now we are not just bullying and demanding a separate nation do as we say...now we are actively destroying their country on a regular basis. We don't have to agree with their choices, but we sure are placing a huge target on our butts by acting like they owe us anything. If Saddam does have weapons of mass destruction, be sure they are working on ways to get them to us now. And add, Bin Laddin, Kosovo, Libya, etc...to the list. Another great reason to limit our citizens' freedom for safety purposes... and spend billions on new programs to do so! Lucky us. And in mention of Kosovo, imagine if a super power had interfered in our revolutionary war against Great Britain. The natural course disturbed by a meddler...would we have this Constitutional Republic? Would the world be the same? Way to spread "freedom", Clinton...force your version at gun point! WTG
PBS had an interesting documentary on marijuana and the war on drugs tonight. Slightly biased in favor of retaining illegality. But, fairly ballanced. Touched on how the war on drugs started full force with Nixon and furthered by Regan. Showed some horror stories of a government grown too intrusive in this area. The unfair laws established with the 1996 Act, seizure of property, etc... of non-violent users, and how more have been incarcerated under Clinton than any other presidency. The prisons are filling faster with non-violent drug users than the dangerous ones. Murders, Rapests, Child Molesters, etc...those who actually vicitmize others are being let out early. While, drug users are serving lifetime without parole. Check it out at PBS Online Mixed up priorities here. Peter McWilliams knows all too well how this goes, even in a state like California- where the people voted to allow medical use of marijuana. See HotNews for the latest on that sad story.

The McWilliams Book "Aint Nobody's Business If You Do" is Available For Free. But I Urge You To Support Him By Purchasing His Book.

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