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LM: "At Issue..." JUNE, 1999
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Now why do we suddenly need more gun control? Well,
tragically we don't. Turns out that in every city that
has taken away restrictions or conceiled-carry laws,
crime goes down. Could it be a reaction to what kids
are doing these days to others with guns? Ah, then the
easy answer is to see what caused the shootings. Guns.
Then, they must be banned! Wrong, that is the way to
look at a problem by seeing the tool, but not what
created the problem in the first place.

Example: When drugs were legal, many realised that
there were problems...addiction, harm to the body and
mind. Answer: Make them illegal. (They are illegal)
Problem: People still get drugs, and addiciton rates
remain consistant. Answer: Make more laws. (More laws
are made) Problem: Gangs are fighting to distribute
their drugs, addiction rates remain the same, more
college and high schoolers are aware of drugs and use
them. Answer: A War On Drugs is declared. (More laws
and force are imposed) Problem: Despite imprisioning
hundreds of thousands of Americans for using drugs,
and allowing rapists, murderers, child molestors, and
extremely violent types out of prison to make room
for drug users...crime rates over the issue increase
as these "outlaws" must commit crimes to score their
drugs, and dealers fight with illegally obtained guns
(provided by criminals) to secure their turf. Billions
of dollars are spent to halt access, with no possitive
results. Search and seizure rights are forfeited to end
the menance, guilt is perceived before innocense,
neighbors die in the battle, bank accounts are
monitored, strip searches are routine, drug testing
manditory most places BUT in government, patients are
denied life saving treatments due to the
classifications, children selling oregano are busted
and procecuted as dealers, etc... and addiction rates
remain the same. Answer: The Crowd Still Crys "More!"

REAL ANSWER: Don't condone the behavior
(I don't), treat those who want help. But realize,
those who want drugs will get them. Even the punishment
doesn't stop it...prisions are riddled with drugs.
Treat the root causes...whatever they may be: self
esteem, anger management, parental guidence/actual
time with the kids (instead of both parents working to
pay high taxes), schools teaching morals (choose your
school), etc...(an issue in and of itself!).

Have we addressed the real problems or just banned
something to make the a symptom go away? The quick fix.
Which is so beneficial to those seeking re-election!
The quick fix does not work, and creates larger
problems in the end. Guns existing is not the problem.
Legal buyers are not the problem. Children having
access under supervison is not the problem...as in
the past many hunted with parents had greater access,
and didn't shoot their freinds..So, what did happen?
Did guns learn to force children, and MAKE them
bad? Suddenly, are guns evil? Yes, to many who won't
look to why kids are behaving they way they are and
accept the responsibility. Look to the root problems
instead, and act from there. Do gun owners have a
greater responsibility to keep guns from potential
dangers, especially from kids? Yes! Can individual
responsibility flourish in a society so with many
laws and programs? No...not at all. To remove anothers
right because someone wronged you just hurts us all,
preach to your congregation, share with friends, learn.
Don't legislate the nation. It's already a crime to
hurt others. We *can* help each other. However,
removing the rights of peaceful people doesn't get
the problems fixed. Let's act as neighbors, not
legislators. We have a chance to look at the problems
and solve them...but seem to be going the wrong way...

"The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding. ~ Justice Louis Brandeis (1928)

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