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Poetry Lounge: The Rain
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Today the sky is crying
torrents of tears from souls
who are done with dying...
The winds are their wails
you can hear if you listen
their words in the gales
Back to the mother earth they give 
part of themselves 
so that she may thrive and live
Her grass turns green
her trees and flowers
flourish and preen...
Why do you ask are the souls so sad
where they be really cant be
all that bad....
They cry not for themselves
but for the ones left here
For their anger their hate
and even their fear
They the souls know what they
had on this mothers plain
they cry for those who cant or wont
see her stress and pain
So the next time you feel
the drops of rain
Remember they are but tears of pain....
They cleanse the soul
and renew the earth...
they nourish hope and
give the seeds birth...
Parts of the past giving
hope to the new
each drop of rain each morning
covered in dew.......
Rain tears renew

by manicmoon
copyright 1999

Moon's Meandering Prose