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(This is an editorial series *i.e....I get to vent* You can have your say at the Message Board, Liberty Forum)

At Issue this month:

Like Two Drunks

Who is it saying that despite all the sex scandal, FileGate, TravelGate, Vince Foster, direct money from China, China and secrets, Waco, etc...That Clinton was a good Statesman?

In a speech given in Canada, Clinton laughed describing how he'd worked so hard to bring Peace to Ireland- while likening the two sides as drunks not able to committ. Perhaps he forgot the Island also received radio, tv, satelite, etc... Or perhaps this man continues to show he is not material for Commander and Chief.

Let's review- besides all the Un-Constituational things he advocates... Firstly, he's proven to the majority of Americans that he lies. He's proven to have questionable morals beyond the lies. He and his wife fly around the world promising everthing to everyone (same as here) at our expense, but can't deliver due to the fact that he (rightfully) does not have the power to give what he promises. He'll backstab later (e.g. Gay Equality vs. signing the Defense of Marriage Act). So, he runs around promising Billions in Foreign Aid then telling Congress to sign the check, or the Press Campaign will be brutle. Same with treaties, like the latest one to come up in Congress on a nuclear test ban. Clinton signed it 2 years ago, Congress has had problems with it since. Clinton launched a media campaign to pressure Congress, now he's asked them NOT to vote on it (as the votes are not there to pass it, even amoung Democrats). Some judgement...perhaps he should consult Congress before signing these things first. Treaties used to be negotiated with Congress, not just signed and tossed to our Representives with an expectation.

Lastly, does anyone care yet that the Chinese Government is directly and illegally linked as financial supporters of Clintons Presidental Campaigns? Communists! Or that since, much information has leaked to them, putting our National Security at great risk? And granting Most Favored Nation Status?! Why don't we do all this with Cuba if it works? Or that the former Soviet Union is crumbling fast? That our money put into the IMF (International Monetary Fund) was embezzled by Russians, and yet Clinton wants us to give more? That the U.N. often violates our Constitution, and yet Clinton wants us to pay up? Yet, when have we needed the U.N. to protect us? If this is Clinton's example of "Active Engagement" to make peace and spread democracy...I wonder, what's his definition of *this* phrase? Never mind the fact the his appointee Reno has sat upon investigations to this and all real alligations. The only one granted independant counsel was a sex charge (sure they hoped that would fall away, but in the end the least of his crimes granted him Impeachment by the House!). No wonder Reno sits on the rest.

So, is it a surprise that this man will slip up once in a while and show his true colors? No doubt. And in refering to Ireland in the denagrading fashion he chose to laugh about, shows how he really is. Forget what he "meant". It's about how he represents us. And so far, I still want Impeachment for all his crimes. I've never had less respect for a President, and I used to be a Democrat. His recent comment just sums it all up for me. He is unfit to Execute his duties on our behalf. The Press is terribly appologetic for him, of course they only report what they are told to. So, what little statement started this rant? Here it is:

Reuters on, "Two Drunks"