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-by Lex

Politics is a waste of time because once elected,
everyone gets corrupted. I can't change anything.
It's too late they are too big and powerful. If I
vote, it's just choosing between two evils. Third
party? Isn't that like communist or socialist, or
some scary militant group? Why bother learning about
them they're just radicals, right? And anyway,
if a decent third party did come along, there's no
way they could win!

I USED to think this way. Like many people, I believed
the biggest of the Big Lies~ that my actions would
have no effect on the world around me. Ridiculous,
pure and simple. But let me start from the beginning of
my political birth. Then we'll get to the rebirth.

At 18 and in a federal government course at college,
I couldn't wait to vote. Things were very clear
Democrat=Good, Republican=Bad. I became adept at
debating the flaws of Trickle Down Economics.
How religious freedom included more than certain
Christians, and that religious dogma had no place
in legislation. Unless it was mine...

Lacking sufficient critical thinking skills, or anyone
to adequately agrue the flaws in the Democratic Party,
gave me free reign to try to save the world. With
other peoples money. And the force of government. But,
then Reagan cut 40 million in social programs! Oh, No!
People were suddenly expected to make their own way!
How cold he is, I thought. Funny how Entitlement
Mania is so catchy. Poor people needed money so the
simple obvious answer was to give it to them. And why
not we are a rich country. I hadn't yet learned how
much of that money was lost in the process. Or about
the loss of dignity, self-sufficiancy, values or
freedom inheirant in these programs. Or about the
strings attached that made the cost to individuals and
small businesses in taxes too high, or the increased
operation costs due to regulation, the fewer choices
we would have, the higher cost of products I wanted,
the pork-barrel spending that would find it's way into
these helping laws, or the strings attatched that
restricted my state and local government for these
freebies. Or how the intent gets lost as Congress gives
voice to the special interest with the most zero's on
the check to their campaign. Well, I started to figure
it out. I'd been lied to.

So I became an Independant. But, I'd stopped voting. Then
armed with the helplessness of the politically homeless
I stopped listening. Corruption and big government won.
I couldn't help but see freedoms eroding in the name of
anything, whatever the current helpfulness of the
politicians. Over and Over and Over. Until, the magical
day...that fall evening, when a third party debate
was broadcast on C-SPAN. Channel surfing finally paid
off! Who were these people saying more than the right
things but, the truth? Thus, I called the phone numbers being
broadcast. Now, time to figure out if they are just
repackaging the S.O.S., or worth my time. Principles?
I didn't quite understand when I read the first batch
of Libertarian literature. And some of the proposals
seemed a bit extreme (freedom is scary at first).
Okay, but most seemed just right though. So, 6 months
later and real hard internal debate...I agreed enough
to register at the elections office.

A Libertarian. Freedom, self responsibility, compassion
by choice, prosperity via a free-market, principles...
I'd vote for them next time. Isn't that enough?
Maybe, if they were big enough to compete on equal
ground with the Republikrats. And still, the fears at the
top of the page nagged at me (because they are repeated
so often). But, I wanted it all to happen before our
government had gone too far. The contribution envelopes
started arriving. Hey, I can't afford to send money!
I have *things* to get, movies to see, restaurants to
eat at, and definately a larger tv is a must. There's
never enough money left over anyway.

So now I had principles and hoped someone would just
make things the way I wanted them. Oops, did I say
that? That sounds familliar. As I tossed out old ways
of looking at things, I realized something very
empowering. I stand between realizing my dreams or
continuing with the same frustrating things.
To really compete the Libertarians needed ME to add my
name, my time, my voice, and yes some money to get the
word out or to fight the good fight. Saving for the
membership was easy enough. And, then by pledging a
small amount monthly, I knew I'd begun to help. How?

Libertarian ideas started popping up everywhere,
Radio, TV, Newpapers...Celebrities started calling
themselves libertarians...Washington, D.C. started
paying attention to us and think tanks like Cato
Institute. We've fought and won many battles to
retain liberty. Memberships are growing faster than
any other party (because people are finally "fed" up
with politics as usual and because others helped make it
happen). More candidates with more victories and more
support. It only happens when one more joins in. That
is why I joined. To be the one who does instead of
wishes...That's why I helped form a local affiliate
party...That's why our candidate for state house won
in our home area in November '98 (with more help we could
have won the district)...that's why most of my friends
now consider themselves libertarian and on the way to
joining...because of the actions of one. I joined because
I want an end to the current trend in government that spits
on the constraints given to government, and a restoration
of our freedom. Will you add your voice?

Register to vote now!

CAll 1-800-ELECT-US


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