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Poetry Lounge: To Reach Beyond III

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To Reach Beyond III

A New Beginning

Whilest digging, searching, combing the ground
lower...The shovel resounded with a thud. Catching
the wind the dirt flew from the heavy scoops.
Beneath me there spread tenatacles filled with life.
With eyes full of dirt and tears, I followed their
lead downward and deeper. My attention was stolen by
a vision, a giant had taken the day from me. Cracked
armour, arms reaching in quite a different direction
and pointing to a rich harvest moon. Her creation so
grand, I stopped to admire it. Through the new light
I saw a staircase...crafted by my journey to the roots
The steps worn I climbed up, and tumbled down as the
path was neglected all this time.

Exhausted, taking my first breathe, my feet acsended
and soon was above the ground were I once stood. A
look behind showed who I was, and upward was I to
become. The staircase spiraled past the misty ditch
beyond the shadowy woods, to the luminous rays now
beaming upon my face.

The search of the digger flowed in full spectrum.
Each step had to be maticulous or done again. So, I
returned to the bottom to remember, rose to the
earth to be, and worked onward under the lunar
beauty. It was as much the soil thrown and
blowing in the wind, the roots and the tree, the light
that shone, granting a new perspective on the stairs
-that were always there. It was the journey and the
journeyer as one. A new reality a new dream sharing
itself with the old. It was my new guide calling
from within, speaking of old ways and new insight.

"Where Have You Gone?"

To reach beyond.


copyright 1999 all rights reserved